Wildlife Dreaming is a cultural biodiversity program and presents a unique opportunity for a two-way learning exchange with increased understanding of Aboriginal cultural practice in Sunraysia and our local native and threatened species. The program is a fun, interactive and ‘hands on’ cultural and environmental education program which promotes conservation, cultural and sustainability awareness at a local scale.

The program provides practical ‘hands on’ learning styles to enhance the transfer of cultural knowledge across generations and will use products and materials to showcase how the Australian environment has altered since European settlement and how our Aboriginal people once managed the land for survival. Various traditional practices involving plant and animal products will be showcased throughout the program.

A fantastic opportunity exists to deliver the Wildlife Dreaming program outdoors to showcase not only the natural habitat of many of the animals demonstrated but to show and learn about traditional ‘bush tucker’ and medicinal plants. Students will create music and participate in a Nature Detective Bingo game – perfect for inquisitive and creative minds.