Sustainability should be at the forefront of today’s society. It is a cross-curriculum priority under the Australian Curriculum and is an essential component of our children’s education. Sustainability addresses the ongoing capacity of Earth to maintain all life which means living within the limits of what our environment can provide and replace.

EnviroEDU promotes environmental education for a sustainable future and our programs therefore provide students with a greater understanding of the many interconnections between our environment, society and the economy. Our program runs on the motto:

Sustainability = Treating the world as if we planned to stay.

The S is for Sustainability program focusses on many of society’s issues – waste, pollution and habitat degradation and what impacts these have on our environment. The program highlights a number of measures we can employ to ensure a sustainable future by implementing the five ‘Rs’ of waste management:

  • Refuse – to purchase unnecessary goods and refuse plastic shopping bags
  • Reduce – the use of energy and non-recyclable materials like plastic
  • Re-use – old objects, toys and clothes
  • Repair – items that can be fixed
  • Recycle – all materials possible including paper, plastics, glass, aluminium cans etc.

EnviroEDU can assist with improving the habitat and biodiversity values of the school or preschool with options for students to create any or a mix of the following:

  • Planting native habitat gardens
  • Creating frog or insect hotels
  • Creating lizard lounges
  • Native seed planting to take home for their own personal habitat garden

This fun, interactive program is not only educational, but in a positive environment, allows children to become involved, roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty!!!

** Please note – habitat gardens, insect and frog hotels, lizard lounges and native seed planting will incur an additional cost. Please contact us on 0418 477 557 for further information.