Wildlife CSI

Wildlife CSI offers another ‘hands on’ program where children will be introduced to the concept of biodiversity and preservation of our natural environment for future generations to appreciate.

We discuss how ecologists survey for biodiversity in our local landscapes and how we too can discover what plants and animals live in our local area. We discuss how it is not always possible to ‘see’ or ‘hear’ the animals living within a natural habitat, however we know they are present via the ‘scats, tracks and other traces’ they leave behind.

Students participate in the Wildlife CSI game where students have to guess the animal from the artefact left behind. There is a special focus on tactile objects supporting this program with children provided with an opportunity to ‘touch and feel’ different natural artefacts from native species from our local area e.g. turtle shells, emu eggs, feathers, bones, reptile skins etc. We discuss plant and animal diversity and living things in our local area. The program encourages teamwork, builds self-confidence to use our descriptive words, while also helping to develop critical thinking skills.

This program can be delivered as a ‘stand alone’ program, however, is also a fabulous follow on from our Biodiversity in our Backyard program and perfect for incorporating in a multi-week program.