Tails and Scales V’s Feathers and Fur

A fun, ‘hands on’ program where in a safe and controlled environment, children will be introduced to some of Australia’s magnificent wildlife including mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. This program provides a very rewarding experience with an amazing opportunity to come face to face and even touch the various animals throughout the demonstration. There is a special focus on tactile concepts for preschool children such as soft vs hard, spiky vs smooth and students will learn about the importance of different anatomical features and the role they play in the animals’ survival – scales vs feathers vs fur etc.

Other topics examined include:

  • Animal classification
  • Habitats and ecosystems
  • Distributions
  • Basic dietary and habitat requirements
  • Animal behaviours
  • Morphology
  • Predator v’s prey interactions
  • Basic life cycles
  • Adaptations and survival strategies

This program is a fantastic introduction to Australia’s native wildlife and can be catered for children of all ages. The young and young at heart will marvel at these amazing Australian animals!

Thank you so much to Sarah from EnviroEdu who delivered her Amazing Aussie Animals program to our Year 7 students as part of their ‘Living World’ unit. Engaging, interactive, fun learning for everyone (staff included).

Jessica Williams, Merbein P-10 College