Endangered or Extinct?

Did you know that Australia has one of the worst mammal extinction records in the world? This program focusses on the management of Australia’s threatened flora and fauna species. Students will be both enlightened and alarmed by the list of over 1,700 threatened species in Australia possibly facing the risk of extinction.

The Threatened Species program provides a unique opportunity to encounter some of Australia’s most threatened species, in particular those currently considered threatened in our local catchment area.  Students will meet and have the option to touch a diverse array of hand raised mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians – some of which are the most critically endangered within Australia.

This program highlights how the Australian environment has altered since European settlement and how we have lost more than 10% of our mammals since this time. We discuss in detail the main factors threatened our native species including:

  • Human induced climate change
  • Competition, predation and displacement from introduced species
  • Natural disasters such as fire and drought
  • Disease
  • Other significant human impacts

While the focus is for students to be introduced to and gain an understanding of the concepts of ‘threatened species’, why species are threatened and ‘extinction’, the program will also entail the concept of living things requiring basic needs such as dietary and habitat requirements. Students will have the opportunity to discuss management actions and positive choices we can make in our local community to assist in the conservation of our natural environment, thus protecting our threatened species.

This program is a wonderful introduction to Australia’s threatened species and can be catered for children of all ages.