About EnviroEdu

EnviroEDU presents engaging, interactive and ‘hands on’ environmental education programs throughout northern Victoria, south-west New South Wales and eastern South Australia. EnviroEDU is dedicated to promoting environmental, conservation and sustainability awareness and show-cases Australia’s amazing biodiversity, with a focus on our ‘local environment’. Programs are tailored to suit various age groups including early childhood/kindergarten, through to primary and secondary school aged children.

We believe the foundation to conserving our planet’s natural resources and environment is through education at the ‘grass roots’ level, beginning with our children. What better way to do this than to introduce an inspiring environmental education program where EnviroEDU can bring wildlife into the classroom and facilitate environmental education programs and field excursions within the local area with a focus on local species and environmental issues.

EnviroEDU is passionate about conservation management, particularly in relation to threatened species. We are involved in the captive breeding of a number of threatened reptile and mammal species which will assist in the provision of insurance populations for some of these animals. EnviroEDU offers ‘wildlife in the classroom experiences’ – a wonderful opportunity for children to get up close and personal (and safely touch and hold) a diverse range of Australia’s native and threatened species including:

  • Reptiles and frogs (hand raised python, lizard, crocodile, turtle and frog species);
  • Invertebrates (scorpions, stick insects or giant burrowing cockroaches);
  • Birds – (Tawny Frogmouth, Red-tailed Black Cockatoo or Regent Parrot); and
  • Mammals (Squirrel Glider, Ring-tailed Possum, fat-tailed dunnart, Brush-tailed Bettong or Spotted-tailed Quoll).

All animals are captive bred, hand reared, tame and therefore accustomed to being around children and adults (they have been surrounded by the love of our two budding little zoologists from a very young age!!)

Our fun and unique educational programs offer students and teachers the opportunity to connect with some of Australia’s native animals, take action by building awareness of the plight of our native flora and fauna and help preserve our natural environment. With a focus on ‘local’ and ‘threatened’ species, EnviroEDU seeks to promote a greater understanding of our local backyard fauna, the importance of conservation and the role we can all play in protecting our natural environment.

EnviroEDU holds all appropriate wildlife licensing and permits from Victorian and New South Wales Government Departments, full public liability insurance and has all relevant Working with Children and National Police checks.

Environmental education presented by a passionate, dedicated and experienced EnviroEDU team. We look forward to joining you in the classroom to enhance our children’s knowledge, wonderment and appreciation of Australia’s unique ecosystems and together we can all make this world a better place.


“To empower students, teachers and the broader community to live more sustainably, protect our natural environment and conserve our unique native wildlife”.

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better, it’s not.”

Excerpt from ’The Lorax‘ by Dr Seuss.