Our Programs

EnviroEDU programs are linked strongly to outcomes from Australia’s Early Years Learning Framework and the Australian and Victorian Curriculum with programs tailored to preschool, foundation through to Year 10 and VCE. Our programs may also assist ResourceSmart Schools obtain sustainability certification and provide practical support to integrate sustainability into the curriculum.

Our highly informative and interactive education programs aim to instil a positive learning environment through encouragement of student-led open inquiry and presentation of learning outcomes from a number of our programs.  Active participation is promoted and encouraged (with assistance provided where required) so that children of all ages gain the confidence needed to develop core knowledge, understanding and skill to ask questions, seek answers and make informed decisions in life.

EnviroEDU programs aim to further develop student’s skills in a number of key areas, in particular:

  • Identifying questions, proposing hypotheses and seeking answers;
  • Problem solving and data collection;
  • Analysing and evaluating data; and
  • Communicating information, results and ideas through different forums and media.

Learning experience and assessment tasks which complement EnviroEDU’s programs and integrate the learning outcomes from the Australian Curriculum can be supplied to teachers to further assist with the school’s curricula and reporting requirements. These can be customised to suit the requirements of individual schools, age and learning capabilities of children and the relevant teaching requirements and can be modified to suit personal learning styles.

Sarah, your program is amazing! We love it and so do the kids! Thank you for sharing your passion!

Hayley Morrison, Teacher – Gol Gol Preschool

EnviroEDU is not just about the environment and the children. We can also assist teachers to develop the technical knowledge necessary to deliver the science and sustainability outcomes of the Victorian and Australian Curriculum. We can provide professional learning opportunities to schools and teachers wishing to further their scientific experience and their capacity to deliver fun and dynamic classroom experiences.

We offer a number of environmental programs but are happy to custom design a program to meet the specific requirements of individual schools and teaching staff:

  • Amazing Aussie Animals – Tails & Scales v’s Feathers & Fur

  • Bee is for Biodiversity – Nature Detective Bingo

  • Biodiversity in our Backyard – Wildlife CSI

  • Catchment Conservation – Wetland Learning

  • S is for Sustainability – Waste Not Want Not

  • Threatened Species – Endangered or Extinct?

  • Wacky Waterbugs – How wiggly is our water?

  • Wildlife Dreaming – Cultural Biodiversity