Special Events, Ag Shows and Festivals

Are you planning a special event, a multi-cultural festival, an agricultural show, field day or shopping centre experience?

Why not draw in the crowds with our fun, interactive and engaging wildlife demonstrations and biodiversity displays? EnviroEDU has highly experienced and passionate demonstrators with a wealth of knowledge on Australia’s biodiversity and threatened wildlife species which we love to share either in live onstage presentations or roaming wildlife displays.

Our programs are perfect for:

  • Environment days and events
  • Agriculture shows
  • Multi-cultural festivals and celebrations
  • Field days
  • Shopping centres and malls
  • Sporting events – Melbourne Cup and other racing events
  • School fetes and other family day activities
  • Scout and Girl Guide Adventure camps and gatherings

What better way for people to appreciate and care about the plight of our local threatened species, than to actually meet and interact with them first hand. We specialise in local, threatened species as we believe the foundation to protecting our planet, is to truly understand key threats operating at a local level. Educating people how to live more sustainably and harmoniously with nature.

“If you can’t excite people about wildlife, how can you convince them to love, cherish, and protect our wildlife and the environment we live in?”

Steve Irwin