Nature Detective Bingo

Biodiversity is the variety of all life forms on earth – the different plants, animals and micro-organisms which form a particular ecosystem.

Biodiversity is important for sustaining life on earth and is often used to measure the health of an ecosystem.  In general, an area with a greater number of species is more likely to be considered ‘healthier’ than an area with far fewer species.

EnviroEDU’s Biodiversity in our backyard program aims to instil a greater understanding and appreciation of our local environment. We will explore the biodiversity of the school or preschool yard through a range of fun, engaging and tactile outside activities. The Nature Detective Bingo game is a sensory scavenger hunt and will provide an opportunity for students to discover more about their natural world and the organisms within.

The program will encourage not only collaboration and teamwork but will foster a fantastic sense of achievement as students learn how to conserve and promote a ‘bio-diverse’ and hence ‘healthy and sustainable’ local environment for their community.